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To book a show, select the Upcoming Events page from the menu, review the events list for a Wednesday night that is not booked, then send an email using the Contact Us page requesting the night you want. Please include contact information and links to your bands social media sites (FaceBook, YouTube, BandCamp, ReverbNation, etc.). By booking a show with us, you agree to let us stream your interview and performance show over our internet radio station and social media sites such as YouTube and FaceBook Live.  We will contact you to confirm the show date and collect any music you would like to be aired on the internet radio station and include it in our rotation.

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  • Dale Miller Center For Guitar Studies
    Dale Miller Center For Guitar Studies
    Guitar Lessons in Colorado Springs Childbloom is the first national program to introduce young children to music through guitar. Our methods help kids as young as five develop the skills and literacy that will allow them to enjoy music for a lifetime.
  • Stargazers Theatre
    Stargazers Theatre
    Stargazers is committed to showcasing local, regional, and national talent. Co-owner John Hooton states: “There is so much amazing talent right here in the Pikes Peak region, ranging from the emerging artist to world class entertainers. Our goal is to create the opportunity for them to showcase their talents on the Stargazers' stage.” Along with the performance arts, there is room in the Stargazers foyer to display the talents of the visual artists in the area. In the past several years, hundreds of local artists have had the opportunity to display and sell their work to appreciative Stargazers guests.
  • AutismOne
    AutismOne is a nonprofit, parent-driven organization that provides education and supports advocacy efforts for children and families touched by an autism diagnosis
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    Blue Star Connection
  • Help Autism
    Help Autism
    Help Stamp Out Autism
  • The Riff Rag
    The Riff Rag
    The Local Music Scene
  • Sunshine Studios Live
    Sunshine Studios Live
    Voted Best Venue In Colorado Sprins
  • The Gold Room
    The Gold Room
    The Open Minded Gold Room

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Welcome to KCOS Digital Media, the premiere location for local music in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

We play ALL Colorado music 24/7! We are always looking for new music to put in rotation. We consider ALL bands and artists for our Wednesday interview and performance show 7-9pm MST! We pride ourselves in being the only station to features nothing but Colorado music, all genres!

This site is also home to The Beat Goes On, a global internet radio show broadcast weekly from Colorado Springs, Colorado featuring a local artist or band interview and performance.

We are ALL about the musicians of Colorado!

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The Gold Room18 S Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
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You know Nikki Giron from the MuleTrain Express as an amazing sax player and the voice of an angel. She also creates beautiful music with a guitar player named Eman. Come out for this special acoustic performance. Doors open at 6pm, come and have dinner deivered to your table from Springs Orleans and bring that specialsomeone for date night!
The Gold Room18 S Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
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Ryan Flores has a great tradition of ce.lebrating yearly for some time now an annual Noche de los Muertos celebration. For the last two years, he has come to the show for a preview if the festival. We are thrilled and honored he will be back for the third year to preview his show You never know who he will be bringing as the festival has multiple musicians, bands, dancers and acrobats as part of his event. This is a great cultural event, not to be missed!
Stargazers Theatre and Event Center10 S. Parkside Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
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KCOSDigitalMedia.com18 S. Nevada Street
Colorado Springs, CO
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Yes! We did it again... last year we had this idea to get our Colorado musicians to offer up some scary music for our Halloween celebration all day! That's how much music we were given especially for Halloween! This was one of our highest rating days, let's blow it up again! We have 15 1/2 hours of Halloween or just kinda scary appropriate tunes. Perfect for office or house parties! Keep if on while you're passing out candy...
The Gold Room18 S Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
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We love these guys! Charlie and the Ash-Dudes got their set interrupted by a telephone interview with Alvin Youngblood Hart last time, so we gave them another date to do a complete set. Charlie guarantees a completely different set list! We had a great time with them in June, and will expect no less in Novrmber. I challenged Charlie to do another Warren Zevon adaptation—Werewolves of Monument ... start the petition! Come early to get some dinner from Springs Orleans delivered to your table. The Ashtōnz CD is in rotation too!