Release Forms

With the ever changing environment of live streaming to the internet, in particular to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, KCOS Digital Media is implementing a new policy to have each location and featured talent complete a release form prior to a broadcast to document that KCOS Digital Media:

  1. Has permission from each featured talent to broadcast their performance, publish photos of the performance, and maintain the performance video on our social media sites.
  2. Has permission to be at the location with our team and equipment to perform the broadcast and include photos and video content of the location in the live broadcast.
  3. Is not compensating the featured talent or location with payment, royalties, or any other method to feature the resulting video, audio and photo content on our web and social media sites.

As always, if any location or featured talent is unhappy with the published content after the event and wishes to have their performance removed for any reason, KCOS Digital Media will do everything we can to accommodate those requests in a timely manner.  Please make any such requests in writing via email, text, messenger, or some other written format directly to KCOS Digital Media or one of its team members.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we move forward sharing Colorado’s greatest music and LIVE event experience with the rest of the world.

Thank you.